EDG Game Example

The Will of the Wisps
A young girl wanders lost in a mystical forest, guided only by the light of the fireflies she collects in her jar. But soon she will discover that the more light she collects, the less she wants to see the things lurking in these haunted woods.

Perhaps, she hopes, the gathered light of the fireflies may reveal a path to safety. Or, perhaps, to more things darker still.

Adam Silcott: Programming, Level Design
Melanie Judd: 2D Artwork (http://www.instagram.com/inkystache)
Greg Lord: Music, Sound, Animation, Story (@gplord, http://www.instagram.com/gplord, http://soundcloud.com/gplordmusic)

Click the frame below to play the game in your browser (it may several seconds to load)
WASD/Arrows to move
Collect fireflies to illuminate your surroundings and to reveal away obstacles blocking your path