1. Introduction: Café Futurismo

Interior of a cafe in Florence, Italy.
Café Giubbe Rosse, Florence, Italy.

The Café Giubbe Rosse was a gathering place for the Futurists and still operates from its location in the Piazza della Repubblica (the former Piazza Viottorio Emmanuelle) and around the block from the Duomo, where Loy’s early poem “The Prototype” locates a critique of religious piety that disregards poverty. In the same Piazza, Loy would also gather with Futurists and others at Paschkowski’s café, mentioned in her satirical poem “Giovani Franchi.” The Futurist little magazine Lacerba includes Ardergo Soffici’s articles about the Café Giubbe Rossa, mentioning the conversations of Loy and her American artist friend Frances Stevens (Lacerba Jan. 15, 1914, p. 30; in Burke 153)

This chapter will present a visual tour of Italian sites significant to, discussing how these locations — including their geographic, visual specificities – inform and function within the poems from her Italian period. Sections will include photographs, biographical information, and a discussion of the poetry as a mapping of times and spaces in Loy’s Italy. Single images and slide shows will enhance the discussions in each essay.

  • a photographic tour of sites relevant to Loy, her friends & circles, and/or her poetry (Florence, Saltino, Vallombrosa; Rome – gallery site; would like to add Forte dei Marmi and Bagna dei Lucca)
  • annotations/cross-referencings of site-specific references, allusions in the poetry
  • time-line of Loy’s years in Florence 1907-1916
  • cross-references with Baedeker guidebooks & maps of the period
  • invitation to others to continue expanding identification and visualization of sites in Italy (see partial list below)