4. Futurist Rome

Busy street in Rome
#125  Via dei Tritone, Rome.

On this busy street in Rome, near the Piazza Barberini, the dark building in the center is the former site of the Galleria Futurista di Giuseppe Sprovieiri, which opened on December 6, 1913. Sprovieri held the First Free Futurist International Exhibition in February and March of 1914. Loy showed four paintings that included 3 portraits of Marinetti and a painting entitled a “dynamism of the subconscious” (Burke 166).

This chapter will discuss Loy’s interactions with Futurism and its leading figures in Florence, drawing upon established scholarship about this important phase in her avant-garde development while exploring how the artwork and poetry from this period suggest Loy’s “en dehors garde” trajectory. It would be wonderful to see what Futurist art Roger Conover might have (if any) and whether we could showcase any of it – or her art from this period. A possible link to a “gallery” show, as Susan suggests?