Houses along Costa San Giorgio

Florence, #54 (middle, tan) and #52 (yellow) Costa San Giorgio
The second section of “Three Italian Pictures” is named for the hilly Florence street where Loy lived after buying a small 3-story home in 1910 at #54. In 1912, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas would visit her there while staying with Mabel Dodge in her villa in the Aretri area outside of Florence, the Villa Curonia. In 1913, Gordon Craig would move next door for a period. During the Spring of 1915, after several months living at 27 Via dei Bardi, Loy moved back to Costa San Giorgio, staying initially at #52 next door to her home, which had been rented. (#52 now houses a ceramic artist whose family has owned it for two generations and who has a studio and shop there).