Loy in View (1945)

By Erin McClenathan, Assistant Professor of Art History

Mercer University

Loy, etc. in View’s Duchamp Number

Bottle appearing to fly into outer space
Ford, Charles Henri and Breton, André. Front cover. View, Marcel Duchamp Number 5, no. 1 (March 1945).

Entanglements abound in lives of Mina Loy and Marcel Duchamp. Between their shared tendency to return to autobiography and numerous scholarly retellings, their stories are abundantly accessible. Yet, this biographical excess also frustrates attempts to find definitive accounts among evidence that often blurs documentation with artifice. This object lesson embraces archival density as a call to action. A digitized layout from View: The Modern Magazine serves as a glancing snapshot, visualizing multiple, imperfect versions of Mina and Marcel’s intertwined lives. Published in 1945, the special issue provides a purportedly singular view of Duchamp. Annotating Loy and fellow contributors, however, reveals a multivocal assemblage therein.

excerpt from magazine page.
Loy’s “O Marcel” as reprinted in the Marcel Duchamp issue of View (1945)


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Erin McClenathan is Assistant Professor of Art History at Mercer University, where she teaches courses in the College of Liberal Arts. Her current research defines the medium of handheld cinema through dada and surrealist periodicals in a continuation of her doctoral project, which she completed at the University of Georgia in 2018. Related articles appear in The Space Between and InVisible Culture.