Dilation has entirely dominated
your long reality.

– Mina Loy, “An Aged Woman”

Chapters are scholarly essays that analyze Loy’s navigation of Italian Futurism, New York Dada, and French and American Surrealism, charting her shifting avant-garde affiliations, experiments with genre and media, and geographic migrations between the 1910s and the 1960s.1 The Chapters are organized chronologically and geographically, following Loy’s movements through time and space. They may be read consecutively, or navigate your own path based on your interests and affiliations.


Digital Loy

by Suzanne W. Churchill, Linda A. Kinnahan & Susan Rosenbaum


Loy’s Italian Baedeker: Mapping a Feminist En Dors Garde

by Linda A. Kinnahan
work in progress

Courting an Audience: Loy’s Plays

by Suzanne W. Churchill

New York I

Pas de Deux: Mina Loy & Alfred Stieglitz Dance Dada

by Suzanne W. Churchill


Surreal Scene: Paris, 1923-1936

by Susan Rosenbaum
work in progress

New York II

Surrealism on the Move: New York, 1937-1953

by Susan Rosenbaum and Linda A. Kinnahan
work in progress



  1. In the Fall of 2018, the Chapters will be subjected to double-blind peer review by ModNets and a process of public peer review via In 2019, we will revise the Chapters in response to our experts’ recommendations.