Death Could Be Kind

carving of lotus and birdsWe tend to subconsciously associate darkness with fear and isolation. We tend to stay away from subjects that speak of “the unknown” because we always want to solely maintain awareness of the inconsequential matters. I agree that the idea of death can sometimes get intimidating; however, why are we so intimidated by an aspect that we never experienced? No one had come back from the dead to tell us that she/he had seen “evil” through the process. This is a thought which I happen to have in common with the Pharaohs. Pharaohs always believed in the idea of ‘rebirth’ and hope. They even represented that idea by placing a symbol of a lotus flower on their tombs. A lotus flower was what brought back the sun in the midst of the tomb’s darkness. It seems as though we shape our thoughts to match our surroundings. In a way, the optimism that they held onto was mirrored in most situations even in the worst case scenario (which is death in this case); it’s fascinating how death could be demonstrated by a symbol of hope in a certain time period, but represent darkness in another.