My Body Has One Job

woman next to sculpture

My body does not look the way society says it should. It does not walk the way I wish it did. It cannot make babies. It gets sick if I eat certain foods.

Luckily, looking a certain way or moving a certain way or making babies, is not my body’s job. We must stop valuing the body and start valuing the person inside.

The statue in the bottom right corner is made by Thomas Glendon, and sits on the campus of University College-Dublin. It is called “Iphigenia”. Iphigenia’s body was used by her father for his own purposes. He did not value her body for the person inside of it, but for what it could do for him.

My body has one job, and only one job: to house my soul. To keep me, the essence of who I am–my thoughts, my passions, my feelings–alive. My body does that just fine.