Gallery of Surrealist Women Artists

A Universe All Over Again

By Jill Moliterno Buffington, English PhD

Duquesne University

My main goal for A Universe All Over Again: Gallery of Surrealist Women Artists is to display the visual artwork of the often-overlooked female artists associated with the Surrealist Movement.

painting of slim female figure dressed in blue standing in empty room, her train attached to shelf on wall on which stands an owl
Gertrude Abercrombie, “The Queen” (1954)

While this artwork is available to the public, it is certainly not showcased; the names of Surrealist women are hardly ever mentioned along with male “greats” like Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and Andre Breton. Many are included in the Surrealist section on Wikiart, but there they remain unknowns in a sea of the male artists most people recognize. They are, therefore, quite easy to overlook. Their unfamiliarity invites the eye to pass over them on the way to those (male) names we all associate with Surrealism, and in this way they remain shadows, their works hovering at the edges of the movement’s history in the spaces of the en dehors garde.