Traveling with Loy
through Time & Space

By Taylor Maldonado (English MA), Hannah Muczynski (English MA), Anna Samuels (History MA)

Duquesne University

tarot card depicting eye in the middle of a sunTraveling with Mina Loy through Time and Space is a collaborative Digital Humanities (DH) project concerned with biographical and close-reading approaches to poetry as a means for investigating the relationship of artists with historical time(s) and physical, geographical spaces. These close-reading practices took form three-fold:

  1. a gameplay of Loy’s “At the Door of the House”
  2. a navigable Baedeker map of Florence in the early 1900’s
  3. a tauro card timeline of Loy’s time in Florence from 1907-1916

These projects, housed collectively on the website, originally sought to establish a greater understanding of Florence as an inspiration to and influence on Loy and her poetry. Moreover, our hopes for Traveling with Mina Loy were to provide an interdisciplinary audience with an accessible entrance into Loy’s Italian lifeā€”be it to visualize space and time through poetry and photography or to travel from the comforts of home.