Women with Voice: Mina Loy & Georgia Douglas Johnson

By Caitlyn Hunter (English PhD), Molly Sharbaugh (English MA), Rochel L. Gasson  (English PhD)

Duquesne University

diptych of Mina Loy and Georgia Douglas JohnsonWomen with Voice: Mina Loy and Georgia Douglas Johnson represents Mina Loy and Georgia Douglas Johnson’s importance within 20th century literary movements. The purpose of our website is to emphasize connections between modernism and the Harlem Renaissance through these and other key figures of the period by presenting these two authors side-by-side in a digital space in an attempt to place equal emphasis on these figures and their contributions. Additionally, our mission is to expand scholarly discussions around these two women and their respective periods, (re)establishing a canonical position for voices that have historically been forgotten and/or erased by creating a space for continued research on these important figures and moments in time.

Working on an extensive collaborative project was useful as it allowed us to inter-dimensionally explore the lives and contributions of these two important writers. Creating a timeline, digital stories, and a map helped us to visualize scholarly connections between them.

From the start of the project we divided up the tasks required to begin building the Google Site. Molly, using the digital tool of POWTOON, worked on the digital storylines under the category “The Story of Two Strong Women.” Rochel worked on the biographical timelines under the category “Timelines” by utilizing the online timeline generator, knight lab. Similarly, Caitlyn worked on the modes of migration under the category “US Baedecker.”

Our project includes:

  1. Timeline of each poet
  2. Storymap, using Greenbook tour guide, charting migrations of & significant sites for each poet
  3. Animations (POWTOON) of biographies