1. Surreal Scene: Paris 1923-36

This chapter surveys Loy’s relationship to the Surrealist movement and her role in Surrealism’s trans-Atlantic crossing, including her work as Paris agent for the Julien Levy Gallery. It addresses how her poetry, fiction, and visual art from the 1920s and 30s responds to and transforms Surrealist themes, ideals, and techniques. In addition to text, the chapter will ideally include:

Paris TimeLine

A time-line of Loy’s years in Paris 1923-1936, including photos of her residences, lamps & lampshade business, and role as Julien Levy’s Paris agent.

Surreal Scene StoryMap

A StoryMap of the painting, using the painting to introduce and explore the role of Women and of non-Caucasians in the Surrealist Movement and in Surrealist art:

Social Network Visualization

A social network that visually graphs Loy’s relationship to key figures involved in the Surrealist Movement, as well as to women who were involved or interested in Surrealism, even if marginal to the movement. Users will click on photos of these figures to receive a snapshot of their bio/career and brief summary of their connection to Loy.