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Manifesto: Mina Loy in a Digital Age

Mina Loy Baedeker: Scholarly Book for Digital Travelers

Close Readings

Side-by-side presentation of poems & interpretations

Mina Loy Project Blog


New Frequencies

Scholarship by students from Davidson College, Duquesne University, and the University of Georgia

Loy’s Signature Style

  • Slideshow & commentary on Loy’s evolving signatures
    Suzanne Churchill and Lindsay Rufolo

Post(cards): En Dehors Garde Flash Mob

  • 70 writers, artists, students, and scholars express their ideas about a feminist avant-garde newly termed “the en dehors garde”

Art Exhibits

  • Mina Loy, “The Beach” (c. 1909-1915)
    Linda Kinnahan
  • Mina Loy, “Maison des Bains dei Marmi” (c. 1909-1915)
    Suzanne Churchill
  • Mina Loy, “Fashions” (c. 1914)
    Linda Kinnahan
  • Mina Loy, “Surreal Scene” (1930)
    Susan Rosenbaum
  • Mina Loy, “Lobster Boy” (c. 1930s)
    Susan Rosenbaum
  • Mina Loy, “Bowery Construction” (c. early 1950s)
    Susan Rosenbaum, Suzanne Churchill, and Linda Kinnahan, with introduction by Roger Conover
  • Mina Loy & Marcel Duchamp in View magazine (1945)
    Erin McClenathan
Featured Essays (also accessible in Archives/Collectors)

Game: Next Lunar Baedeker

  • Interactive guide to Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto”
    Marion L. Brittain

Time Travel


Archives & Collectors

  • The Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library
  • Archive Grid
Collectors: Featured Essays (also accessible in Art Exhibits)

Time Lines

  • Early Years, 1882-1907
    Rochel Gasson
  • Florence Years, 1907-1916
    Rochel Gasson
  • New York and International Migrations, 1916-1923
    Rochel Gasson
  • Paris, 1923-1936
    Rochel Gasson
  • Mina Loy in New York, 1936-1956
    Jesse Riley
  • Mina Loy in Aspen (1953-1966)
    Rochel Gasson
  • Mina Loy’s Migrations
    Compiled by Churchill, Rosenbaum, and Kinnahan


  • Map of Florence (1909)
  • Map of New York (1893)
  • Map of Paris (1924)
  • Visualization: Mina Loy’s Social-Artistic Network
    Emily McGinn and Caleb Crumley
  • StoryMap: Mina Loy’s Migrations Across Countries & Continents
    Jesse Jack


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